2019 BGBAA National and NSW State Show


Judge - Mr Josef Kleynhans


Venue: Borenore, NSW,


Date - Saturday 24th, 25th May 2019


Exhibitors  -

          Armadown (Cairns, Mr Robert)

          Bengara Boer Goats (Stanford, Mr Benjamin)

          Kaylen Boers (Taylor, Mr Brad and Vanessa)

          Kazleesha (Carlon, Ms Alison)

         Micathel (Barnes, MS Marie)

         Mugambi (Ormsby, Paul  and Janette)

         Nicolstoke (Nicholas, Susan & Stephen)

         Pacifica Boer Goat Stud (Wood, Tracey)

         Strzboer Goat Stud (Smith, Dean and Fiona)

         Willowstone Boer Goat Stud (Robson, TY & Kayla)

         Yeramba Boer Goat Stud (Hyde, Joanne)

Additional Photos

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