National Show Sydney 27-29 March 2016

Results and Photos attached.

Additional Photos

Class 300A Doe 4-12months Placegetters class 300B Doe 4-12 months Class 300C placegetters Doe 4-12 months Class 300D Doe Kid 4-12 months Class 300E Doe kid 4-12 months Champion and Reserve Kid Does Red Does 4-12 months Red Does over 12 months Champion Red Doe Class 304 Doe 12-18m Class 305 Doe 18-24 months Junior and Reserve Junior Champion Does Class 308 Doe 24-36 months Class 309 Doe 36-48 months Class 310 Doe over 48 months Grand Champion Doe Class 314A Buck kid 4-12m Class 314B Buck kid 4-12m Class 314C First Class 314C Third Class 314C Third Class 314D Buck 4-12m Class 314E Buck kid 4-12m Buck Kid Champion and Reserve Red Buck 4-12m Class 317B Red Buck over 12m Champion and Reserve Red Buck Clas 318 Buck 12-18m class 319 Buck 18-24m Junior Champion and Reserve bucks Class 322 Buck 24-36 m Class 323 Buck over 36m Champion and Reserve Senior Bucks Grand Champion Buck

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