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MLA marketing are working on some goat PR activities for 2017 (recipe development for example) and wanted to check in to see if we had any new interesting statistics/facts/figures/news around goat that they may be able to use and build into a news story? Something quirky and interesting. Don’t hold back – send me any random ideas you have no matter how silly you think they are.


Some thoughts below from me. Need something more suitable for an inner-city audience, so if you have any ideas you are willing to share, please let me know. It’s just to add some ’flavour’ to the story in the event journalists want to dig deeper and include more context around the story.   

-          Consumer is helping support AU farmers and their families by supporting goat- Goats a profitable livestock choice - robust returns on capital ranging from 16 to 49 per cent and complement existing sheep and cattle operations (from an economic analysis, commissioned by MLA and undertaken by agribusiness consultants, Agripath, as a part of a project Benefits of Mixed Grazing with Goats)

-          goats sustainable and environmentally friendly - Producer case study (through the same project) found goats were used to control weeds as an alternative to chemicals. Previous control of blackberry and nodding thistle infestations in one paddock using a helicopter had cost the landowner $9,500. However, the landowner found the strategic grazing of goats was cutting reliance on herbicides and helicopter spraying and increasing the property’s profitability and carrying capacity.  


More detail about the case study


Let me know your thoughts and ideas.





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