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Good Morning,


As PRIMEX FIELD DAYS is a member &/or collaborator with your organisation, we wish to place this request that you please consider supporting our initiative to build awareness and promotion to your membership, of the PRIMEX Online Business Hub – Virtual Field Days Event?


No-one is immune to the challenges currently being faced with COVID-19, but the PRIMEX Online Business Hub is designed as a new and exciting dimension to provide access and support to your membership with connection to an extensive range of agribusiness, farming and primary industry sectors.


This Virtual Field Days Event offers unique resources in the current environment, should your members wish to gain the benefits of attending a dedicated field days with a broader and more extensive global marketplace all online and throughout the weeks leading into EOFY.


Many farmers, regional and rural communities are wishing to take advantage of current seasonal and market conditions, while also being able to take advantage of the Federal Government $150,000 stimulus package for purchasing of equipment, services and technologies that are normally available during this period at PRIMEX Field Days.


We ask that you please consider supporting this initiative and assist us by communicating the Primex Online Business Hub throughout your organisation and your membership that would help build awareness and support of this service to your members?


Please contact me directly to discuss and I have included a social media tile for you to use as part of the building awareness collateral – thank you!


Many thanks,



Bruce Wright

Director - Primex Field Days Pty Ltd

ABN 95 396 729 261

PO Box 7067 Southport Park Qld 4215
Mob. 0411 740374