Webinar - The booming goat industry - an introductory overview


MLA have recommenced the 'Productivity & Profitability Webinar Series' but with a broader target of lamb, beef and goats. 

On Wednesday, July 3, Trudy Atkinson of NSW DPI will provide an introductory overview of the Australian goat meat industry. In 2018, Australia processed 1.7 million goats. The industry sold 21,000 tonnes of goat meat and 21,000 live goats to international markets. The total export value was $190 million. Producers are currently receiving 938 c/kg cwt for their product.

Join this webinar for important information about:

  • The production systems and supply chains that deliver goat meat to domestic and international markets
  • Supply, price and population trends
  • Major markets and global demand for goat meat
  • R&D projects, which are supporting industry development 

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