Producer Survey on the Goat Industry

MLA is funding a project to work one on one with goat producers to better understand the finances of the business over time, and while they are at it, collect some aggregated data which will help us understand how the industry is tracking.


Below is a bit more about the project and the kind of information we’ll be looking for. We would love you to get involved, so if you are keen, please get in touch with Prue Francis from Holmes Sackett (details below). Feel free to forward this to anyone else you know who might be interested.


Goat levy, industry and producer performance indicators

We have budget for 60 producers to be interviewed on farm by the service provider to collect a variety of different statistics over a 5 year period. The benefit to you of participating is that you’ll receive individual reports showing enterprise performance compared against the pooled average of the group and against the top 20 percent. Individual data will not be shared with other participants.


It’s a good way to get some further insights into what’s happening in the business and how it compares with what others are doing. Participants also get to spend some quality time with the highly qualified service providers who have a wealth of experience in this area – opportunity to pick their brains!


We’re looking for people who:

-        Are meat production focused

-        May or may not have any involvement at all with MLA – we need a mix

-        We need a mix of enterprise types – harvesting, semi-managed, farmed

-        We need a mix of locations

-        People who are likely to have some production data like the below:

  • Price received ($/kg cwt sold)
  • Price ($ per head sold)
  • Production
  • Weaning percentages
  • Stocking rates
  • Total harvest costs
  • Labour costs


Prue Francis of Holmes Sackett can be contacted via: