GICA Executive Summary - AGM and Council Meeting - Nov 18 + information on amendments to Constitution

Please find attached the Executive Summary of the AGM and Council meeting held in November.


All amendments to the Constitution, circulated on 01.11.18, were agreed to and endorsed.


Changes to note:

* Associate members have become Members with full voting entitlements

NB: AMIC has remained as an Associate Member

* Members previously known as Associate Members are now 'commodity' based representatives

ie: Dairy, Meat, Fibre & Rangeland

* SFO Membership structure remains the same

* Member subscription structure has been amended to reflect full voting entitlements of Members

* The subscription for BGBAA Membership of the GICA in 2019 with be $2300 - invoiced in first quarter of 2019

* Member Representative terms have been set at 3 yrs with a maximum of 9 yrs´╗┐