Goat reproduction project-communicatio​n request

Goat reproduction project-communicatio​n request

Good afternoon,


I hope this email finds you well and best wishes for the New Year.


I am involved in a goat project for Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) in conjunction with the Goat Industry Council of Australia (GICA), called ‘Dough from Does’. The aim of the project is to review advanced breeding programs for meat goat production. It involves a literature review of goat breeding programs worldwide, identifying what programs are being used in Australia and making recommendations for the development of appropriate extension materials (if needed). We are also looking at sheep and deer to see if there are any lessons that could be drawn for goats.


Part of our approach to the project will be to interview 50 randomly-selected producers from across the country by phone. We will also try to identify producers who are using advanced programs and interview them to develop some case studies. We have set up a small website to explain the project and how people can get involved (www.doughfromdoes.org).


We are trying to contact producers through a range of forums –  we will be contacting various industry groups, breed associations and goat meat processors etc.


I am hoping that you might include some information about this project on your social media outlets and/or through any email communications to growers that you may have planned?   I have attached an introductory blurb that you might like to use.


Obviously, the more producers we hear from the more likely we are to identify advanced breeding programs that have been successfully implemented in Australia. In addition we will develop a better understanding of the extent of reproductive management variation within the industry and therefore be able to identify where reproduction extension and research might be best targeted.


The email address we are using for producers to make contact is contact@doughfromdoes.org and we are planning to complete this phase of the project by Sunday 10th February 2019.


If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Thank you for time to consider this request.


Kind regards




Natarsha Williams

M +61 422 414 964




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