Do you use motion activated cameras?

Webinar description:

Do you use motion activated cameras? Do you have 1,000s of photos you want to look at, but it's too hard or can't find the time? Are you interested in using cameras on your property? What are the positives and negatives of different types of cameras and how can they be used?


These questions and more will be answered by Jed Sommerfield via webinar on the 8th of February at 7:35pm (Qld Time).


Jed is a Sheep and Beef Extensions Officer based in Charleville working for the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries. He has vast experience using a range of motion activated cameras to collect data on pest and domestic animals, property infrastructure, points of interest and uninvited guests.


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To ensure that your questions are answered please email them through to Jed or Noel. Contact details below.

Jed Sommerfield, P 07 4530 1256, M 0459 862 879, Email:

Noel O'Dempsey, P 07 4653 1441, Email: