EID & NLIS for goats – Webinar/Phone Seminar

EID & NLIS for goats – Webinar/Phone Seminar

Victoria is transitioning to electronic ID for goats.    What do I need to do?

Goat producers play a vital part in Victoria’s livestock traceability system.

This webinar will inform Victorian goat producers about using electronic NLIS (Sheep) ear tags for goat herd management and the forthcoming changes to the rules for recording property to property livestock movements in the NLIS database. Current exemptions to these rules will be covered.

Webinar will include:

  • Understanding traceability and the need for an electronic identification system
  • Requirements of property-to-property movement recording for goat producers
  • Learning how to transfer livestock from one property to another using the NLIS database
  • Where to access help
  • Question and answer session


Friday 16 February




8.00pm to 9.00pm


FREE - Call and/or data costs may apply

To Register  

Online at: https://eidnlisforgoats.eventbrite.com.au.  If you have any problems registering online call:  03 5761 1647

Presenter Sandy Cameron – Meredith Dairy:  Sandy milks 4,000 goats and 1,500 sheep, and produces dairy products on the family farm at Meredith.  Since 2007, Sandy has used EID to record mating, pregnancy status and milk yield information to enable his animals to be sorted using autodraft equipment. EID is used to ensure the accuracy of liveweight data and for parentage testing.

Presenter Berwyn Squire – Goat Health Veterinarian, Agriculture Victoria:  Berwyn has a small herd of Boer goats.  Her work includes goat disease and welfare investigations, and extension to goat producers.

Jo Cameron
Team Leader, Livestock Extension - South West | Agriculture Services and Biosecurity Operations

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