Friday Feedback - Genetic performance | 2018 market projections | Innovation award

Friday Feedback
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Industry outlook - what lies ahead
Find out more about the outlook for the year ahead with MLA’s recently released cattle and sheep industry projections for 2018.
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Are you a beef innovator?
Nominate today for the MLA Producer Innovation Award, recognising beef industry innovation on and off farm.
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Georgia hits the ground running
Meet young industry consultant Georgia Reid (pictured), whose passion for feedbase efficiency research is being fostered by an MLA Donor Company-supported program.
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Sheep immunity survey
Sheep producers are reminded to take part in a survey that will investigate variable responses in flocks to the Ovine Johne’s Disease vaccine on some properties.
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Ready to sow your oats?
Prepare by checking out the 2018 Queensland Forage Oat Variety Guide, which includes management tips, strategies to minimise disease and a list of current varieties.
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The greatest lasagne ever?
Charge back into the working and school year with this tasty beef and ricotta lasagne from MLA's Australian Beef: The Greatest recipe collection.
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