Prices & Markets - How the markets have opened in 2018

Friday Feedback
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How did the cattle market open in 2018?
With the seasonal outlook indicating improved conditions across the country, restocker activity is expected to increase for EYCI eligible cattle and is likely to support prices in the short-term.
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Strong start to the year for the sheepmeat market
The sheepmeat market opened on a strong note in 2018, with over-the-hook indicators and saleyard prices higher than where they closed in 2017 and higher compared to year-ago levels.
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Low-stress handling lifts eating quality
Following low-stress handling principles has helped beef producer Richard Metcalfe (pictured) to achieve an average MSA compliance rate of almost 98% over the past 12 months.
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Indian buffalo meat exports set to increase
Driven by demand from the Middle East, Africa and South-East Asia, Indian buffalo meat shipments are expected to rise along with production levels in 2018.
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