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Friday Feedback
Bull buying made easier
For Geoff and Lyndal Nicol (pictured with son Riley), bull sales are the easiest part of sire selection. Find out how they plan ahead by developing a well-researched shopping list.
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What BREEDPLAN can do for you
Find out how you can identify the right bulls for your business in the final instalment of a three-part series from Southern and Tropical Beef Technology Services.
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Minimise seeds this summer
Grass seed contamination of carcases is one of the most costly challenges for lamb processors and producers. Check out these resources to help you manage grass seeds and minimise infestation.
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Australia: The red meat nation
With a value of $15.1 billion, the importance of Australia's red meat industry has been reinforced by the just-released State of the Industry 2017 report.
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Producers win with MSA
Additional returns of $130 million were delivered to beef producers from MSA grading in 2016–17. Read about producer gains and benefits in the MSA Annual Outcomes Report.
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Red Meat 2017 program update
Consumer mega trends, the power of data, driving on farm profitability and keeping the supply chain competitive will be topics covered by industry experts at MLA’s Red Meat 2017.
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Nothing beats a braised brisket
Treat your tastebuds this weekend to the smoky flavours of hickory braised brisket served with mac 'n' cheese.
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