Integrity Matters: Changes to LPA requirements from 1 October 2017

As you are no doubt aware, since June 2017 we have been communicating to our industry stakeholders about the changes to the Livestock Production Assurance (LPA) program which take effect officially from 1 October.
As the on-farm assurance program for the integrity of Australian red meat, LPA  has comprised five elements to date:
•    Property risk assessments
•    Safe and responsible animal treatments
•    Stock foods, fodder crops, grain and pasture treatments
•    Preparation for dispatch of livestock
•    Livestock transactions and movements

From 1 October, producers will also be required to understand and meet obligations for biosecurity and animal welfare, as well as complete an assessment when their LPA accreditation is due. These changes will build a more robust integrity system and strengthen Australia’s promise to customers worldwide. 

What do the changes mean in practice? Every LPA-accredited producer has been sent an information pack outlining what they need to do on-farm to meet the requirements. In our previous stakeholder bulletin in June we outlined what is required from producers to meet the new requirements. In this e-bulletin we provide additional details on what the changes mean for various sectors within our industry. 

It’s important that every livestock producer plays their part in maintaining the reputation of the LPA program. As a stakeholder in the red meat industry, we ask you to read and share this information with your networks. It is critical that producers understand their responsibilities and the part they play in protecting the industry's reputation. 

If you’re seeking additional information or have questions please don’t hesitate to email or phone the hotline on 1800 683 111. 
Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Dr Jane Weatherley
Chief Executive Officer
Integrity Systems Company