opportunities for the positioning of Australian goat meat in the domestic market

Please be advised that MLA has funded a project to identify opportunities for the positioning of Australian goat meat in the domestic market.


This project is a feasibility study which will identify new usages, occasions and opportunity spaces for goat meat domestically. The project starts with the consumer in mind and will include supply chain analysis to identify high value opportunities, and in the end, grow demand. This is an opportunity to:

-          Identify different, high value product usages within the domestic market – i.e. are there food trends we can take advantage of and better position goat meat whist managing supply expectations?

-          Help identify how to position an overall brand for goat meat in Australia and identify trends and opportunities for brand owners to capitalise on with their brands    

-          Trial this methodology within the domestic market with the possibility of expanding this to other markets if successful


From this project we can expect to get guidance on how to handle the supply shortage issues within the consumer space in a way that’s going to:

-          help us grow/sustain demand

-          help us demonstrate the value proposition of the industry to other potential producers

-          help us manage consumer expectations


This process will seek input from MLA, as well as producers, butchers, restaurant owners, and industry bodies to ensure that we identify best practice, challenge the boundaries, incorporate the views of industry pioneers, as well as reflect the commercial realities that drive day-to-day operations.


Your knowledge and experience in the Australian domestic market would be extremely helpful for this project and this email is in part, a request for your assistance. David Jenkinson of DIJ STRATEGY

is undertaking the project for us and needs to interview goat meat producers with experience in the domestic market. Phone interviews are most likely and may take between 30mins to an hour. Some of the questions will include:

1.       How do you feel Goat Meat is going in the Australian market – where is it at currently?

2.       Why did you become a Goat Meat producer?  What type of business are you seeking to develop?

3.       What are your greatest challenges in developing your business / making it a commercial success?

4.       How would you describe your Goat Meat offering – product characteristics?

5.       Who is your customer – why do you sell to that channel?  Who is your end-consumer?

6.       Do you believe it is necessary to distinguish different ‘types’ of goat meat offering in the market?  How so?  (i.e. Beef now has Angus, Wagyu, Grass Fed, …)

7.       Where would you like to see the domestic Goat Meat industry in 5 years’ time – what could it become?

8.       What do you believe are the key ‘building blocks’ required to make this happen – as diverse as you like?

9.       Conversely, what are the greatest barriers, or misconceptions, to the industry developing?

10.   Who do you think we should be selling Goat Meat to (Customers and / or the end consumer)?  What should we be saying about it?

11.   What is key to getting Goat Meat trialled and adopted by the end consumer – how make it a sustained success / part of their ‘weekly’ shopping basket?


We would also be interested in your recommendations as to who else we need to speak with (restaurant owners, butcher contacts, domestic processors, other producers).


David’s contact information is below and you may receive a call or email from him. Please let me know if you do not wish to participate.


Once again your help and advice would be greatly appreciated.


David Jenkinson



M  0417 387759    P  03 9636 0120    david@dijstrategy.com.au





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