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Please see below the links  and explanation of our current school education resources.


Current MLA Curriculum Linked Resources Include;


1.       National curriculum study guides are especially developed for the study of sustainability in food production, contain full units of work including lesson plans, activities and worksheets.


·         K-2 Greener Farms Study Guide takes early primary students through a farmer’s role in protecting and managing the land, preserving and increasing biodiversity and feeding the world.

It covers Foundations of Science Understanding for Years 1 and 2 and Science Inquiry Skills linked to Year 2.


·         3-4 Farming through history study guide looks at the historical context of cattle and sheep farming and how farming, environment and community interact in remote and urban Australia.

It covers Australian Science Curriculum links and aligns strongly to the literacy and history syllabus for Years 3 and 4.


·         5-6 Future Foods study guide is a valuable resource for the study of sustainable farming for the future of food production.

Linking with Stage 3 Australian Curriculum Science syllabus, it has been developed for the Science Understanding, Science Human Endeavour and Science Inquiry Skills strands for Years 5 and 6.


LINK: National Curriculum Study Guides


2.       Digital lessons and pop-quizzes which are a fully interactive online resource that link directly with the National curriculum study guides and also come with downloadable lesson plans.  These are a great to complete with the class on the smartboards.

LINK: Digital Lessons / Pop-quizzes


3.       Classroom posters and activities are fun, colourful resources to decorate the walls within the classroom. These are available to be sent out to classroom at any time for free or can be downloaded from the MLA website.


·         Science on the farm Poster which highlights key issues such as sustainability, water conservation, biodiversity and animal health.


·         What can you see on the farm? Poster a great resource to introduce Stage 1 students to concepts around cattle and sheep farming.


·         What happens on Australian Farms Poster for Stages 2 & 3 which highlights key items such as caring for animals, modern technology, caring for the land and animal breeding.


·          Plus various other classroom activities which are available to download from the MLA website. 


4.       Interactive Farm Visit which allows students to take a tour around a selection of Aussie farms, meet the people and the animals and see what happens on a day to day basis.

Links to the Technologies & Geography curriculum for years 4-7

Year 4 - 7 Technologies Curriculum - the study of food we grow.

Cross Curriculum - Water conservation, sustainable farming practices.

Year 4 Geography Curriculum - exploring issues about the sustainable management of farms.

Year 5 Geography Curriculum - learn the places people live to farm cattle and sheep and factors that shape the human and environmental characteristics.


LINK: Interactive Farm Visit


5.       A highlight in our current suite of education resources are our unique and interactive Virtual Excursions. Virtual Excursions are hosted by a school teacher and a red meat farmer allowing classrooms nationwide to engage with the Aussie Farmers, see and hear what they do on their farms while taking part in educational activities, quizzes and even interacting with other schools. It is so beneficial for kids to learn direct from the farmer. We run 8 classes per term, and we are currently working on the schedule and program for Term 2.

Years K-2: discover how farmers look after the animals on their farms and how food gets from the farm to their plates.

Years 3-6: learn about cross breeding and how technology is used to help run farms efficiently and sustainably.


LINK: Virtual Excursions


In addition we also provide;


A recent program that we are now getting off the ground is for us to organise for students  to hear from a farmer first hand in their classroom. This is something I would like to continue to build – so, if classrooms are in Sydney metro, with a  group of 50+ students, we can bring a farmer into the classroom to speak to teachers direct! Classes can learn firsthand about sustainable farming practices and how their food is grown and produced by discovering how farmers look after their animals and the environment on their own farms.


PIEFA and Primezone Partnership

 LINK: Primezone


And finally, resources in development

We are continuing to grow and develop new, exciting and interactive classroom resources so we will keep you posted on the next chapter in bringing the farm to the classroomA big one for us is that we are currently revising the look and feel for our education website which will change the way we are communicating with our audiences. From this, a whole range of new education resources will be born.

A few of these include;

·         Interactive board games

·         New classroom posters

·         Virtual Reality videography – from paddock  to plate

·         New interactive classroom activities

·         Educational brochures  


Hope this is useful


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