Export - Opportunity for F4 up Boer Goats

Mon 09th Jul 2018

Frank Nichols <4everinternationallivestock@gmail.com>

to info
Import 2 plane loads of pure bred Boer does without papers totaling 2,100 head for each load ,the average weight 35 kg ,so we can accept 25-40 kg .
Also on each plane we need 50 Full blood Bucks average weight 60 kg,we can accept 35 to 70 kg.
Delivery is December -Jan 2019.
The does must be true to type free of faults a certificate/letter will be require from a recognised  society person or stock agent to say the breeder has been breeding boers for a minimum of 4 years and are true to type.
The Bucks must be of very good quality with society pedigree papers Price delivered Dubbo :
AUD 1,000.Red/white.
The does AUD 500 delivered Dubbo can be red/white,Red,  or Black and white.
Protocol  This will be confirmed by 1 st of August 2018 ,but one stipulation will be they must be from Blue Tongue free area.
All protocol costs will be met by the buyer if passed by the  tests conducted by the vet.
Upon signing the contract to supply a deposit of 25 % will be deposited into a trust account ,then once selection has taken place and delivery to Dubbo a TT will be made on the delivery into the sellers account.
In the case of non performance by the buyer the seller will be entitled to retain the deposit.
In November 2018 an inspection of each sellers goats will be made ,any goats not suitable for the shipment will be rejected at this time,the suitable goats will be tagged with a coded selection tag.
Look froward to a positive out come my contact phone number is 0424640100.
Regards Frank Nichols.?