Carcase Merit Worksop

Sat 26th May 2018



Designed to educate breeders by increasing the understanding of carcase data and the wide variation of meat:fat:bone: ratios of individual animals and how this information can help you.

Livestock will be visually assessed by workshop participants led by

Marie Barnes, BGBAA Level 3 Judge then weighed & scanned using ultrasound technology to scan carcasses and gather data.

Scanning will be conducted by an Industry Accredited Scanning Contractor.

This data will then be formulated into an index, known as the CMI by Mr Leon Martin Principal Consultant of Natural Ecosystems Group.


* Is an objective Measurement Tool

* An animals CMI allows ranking within groups for comparisons.

* The CMI of an animal can be used for selection of breeding stock.

* Can be used to engineer superior progeny to meet specifications.

* Assists in achieving optimal returns at farm gate.





Pacifica Boer Goat Stud 728 Amaroo Way Eugowra

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