Board Portfolios

Classification Portfolio.  


To educate & encourage members to make use of the newly introduced Classification system for the BGBAA. So breeders may benefit by improving the quality of their breeding stock and will therefore maximise the breeding progress of the Boer goat in Australia.  


  • Promote Classification as an educational tool to encourage breeders to improve the quality of their stock  
  • Promote Classification of animals as a marketing tool to breeders for export and Australian sales  
  • To enable credibity and accountability to prospective buyers of classified animals
  • Promote uniformity of quality animals

Breed Development Portfolio Vicki Mitchell :

We are primarily a stud association but we must be able to offer a commercial reality with our stock, whether for seed stock, domestic meat or export sales.

Projects must be relevant and up to date. Grass roots events at State Branch level for encouraging and offering support to newcomers in the industry is essential. Input from Branch committee members is needed for future training and courses to be offered.

  • stud-related issues such as breed standards, register;
  • Preparation for breed standard review due in  2017and updated breed standard booklet
  • judges training, ring stewards & breeder workshop guidelines updated for inclusion in procedure manual
  • development of hoof & hook with carcase assessment to be developed with assistance from MLA
  • global database and updated online register
  • shows/showing, update of judges register;
  • state based breeder workshops including husbandry basics for newcomers to industry;
  • classification & classifying of animals & ongoing training for potential assessors;
  • seed stock;
  • commercial animals;
  • the future and improvement of the breed.

Communications and Education Portfolio Melissa Johnson:

The overall aims of this Portfolio are:

  •  to promote the Association and its activities in a positive and credible way to members and the general public through the National website;
  • to enable State Branch input and communication with members through the National E-Newsletter;
  • To incorporate Education components for members in the E-Newsletter and on the website;
  • To seek funding from MLA to hold Education days across the States.

Objectives are:


  • to review the national site and update content to make it current;
  •  to maintain currency;
  •  to review the functionality of the site under each of the menu/sub menu items and make recommendations for improvement;
  • to incorporate member requests as they arise eg inclusion of member web links, web site statistics etc;
  • to explore paid advertising features from members;
  • to investigate social media options such as Facebook and Pinterest to further promote the site;
  • to share responsibility of the site with an associate webmaster so maintenance is not the responsibility of one person.


  • to liaise with State branches and a media representative from each State to collate material of member interest for the bi monthly E-newsletter;
  •  to implement a structure for the E-newsletter which devolves responsibility from one person so its publication can be shared around States.


  • To support and promote opportunities for breeders to gain more knowledge on raising goats successfully though workshops and information day;
  • to investigate opportunities to jointly run workshops with MLA and DPI covering topics of relevance to all breeders such as Parasite Control, Nutrition and calculating feed requirements, Bio security, Animal Welfare and other topics to be decided jointly.

Membership Relations Portfolio Dr Jeff Washusen:

Areas of responsibility that have been included in the Member Relationships Portfolio are:

  • Preliminary review of Constitution and Regulations
  • Assist in providing a freer flow of information between members and the Board
  • Act as main point of contact on the Board for membership related issues
  • Director responsible for the Members Tribunal
  • Increase membership base
  • Encourage breeders to advertise and promote their businesses through association resources

I have listed these duties in the order that I think might be appropriate at this point in time. The most important duty I see is to provide a conduit for any Member who wants an issue raised with the Board.